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1. Acueduct

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Acueducto de Segovia

Symbol of the city

According to the latest research, it may have been built during the reign of Emperor Trajan to carry water from the Aceveda River to the city. This impressive civil engineering work, in an excellent state of preservation, begins in the Guadarrama Mountains as a small canal that draws water to a reservoir known as the Caseron. The canal then increases in height, reaching two rows of arches at its highest point.

Its 20,400 stone blocks are not joined by massing (glue) or cement but are held together by a perfect and solid balance of forces. In Azogejo Square, it reaches a height of 28.10 m and a total of 167 arches, the maximum height of any building.


Visit the web ACUEDUCTO DE SEGOVIA for more information in Spanish.

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