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59. Royal Mint- Aqueduct’s Interpretation Centre. (Real Casa de Moneda - Centro de Interpretación del Acueducto)

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Casa de Moneda.

16th-18th centuries. One of the oldest buildings in European industrial architecture. Founded in 1583 by king Philip II, the works were designed, planned and directed by Juan de Herrera. This was the first mechanized mint in Spain. A hydraulic system using vertical wheels moved by water force, activated a modern machinery called the ‘ingenios’ (the ingenious wit), that perfected the entire coining process. After its renovation, this building was converted into the Royal Mint Museum, providing the story of the various minting techniques, with a bookshop specialized in numismatics with antique coins for sale. There is also a room for temporary exhibitions, a Romanesque garden called the King´s Garden (Jardín del Rey), and the Aqueduct’s Interpretation Centre. (CENTRO DE INTERPRETACIÓN DEL ACUEDUCTO).